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A world’s first museum for the cultural history of love

Our concept is ready and an enrichment for people, culture and peace in the world.
Preserving the intangible and tangible cultural heritage of love.

Cultural actions on the theme of „Love“

Already taken place:
On World Tourism Day „A Heart for Cologne“ on the Cathedral Square.
On UNESCO World Poetry Day our „Love Poem Walk“ in the John Lennon Park in Cologne.
In the merry month of May in the whole city of Brühl exhibitions and events as a „love path“.

Travel guides and city maps for lovers

Our travel guide with over 200 places of love in Germany, Europe and the world.
World’s first city map for lovers in Cologne – more cities to follow …

„Love Routes“ through Europe / through the world

Our love routes offer you tour suggestions on which you follow the traces of love.

Festivals of love throughout the year, from many cultures

Over 70 feast days of love want to be rediscovered, preserved and above all celebrated.

Love fairy tale and loving retellings …

„Why the lime tree has heart-shaped leaves“ ISBN: 978-3-7583-0196-4.
„Warum die Linde herzförmige Blätter hat“ ISBN: : 978-3-7578-3058-8.
Find out in our love story for children and adults …

Best, Tina & Hans-Georg

„of two who went out to learn how to love „*
*inspired by Clown Shiven

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